MESO Derma Roller Anti-Aging Kit (10 Sessions)


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MESO Derma Roller Anti-Aging Kit (10 Sessions) | (


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MESO Derma Roller Anti-Aging Kit (10 Sessions)

– 1 Derma Roller 0.5mm
– 10 ampoules of 2ml DNA Liquid
– 10 ampoules of 5ml Dexpanthenol

DNA Liquid Information: 
An Anti-Ageing Solution. A natural polymer with excellent antioxidant and moisturizing capabilities that protect the cell membranes from oxidative degradation. Its capacity to restore dead cells and reconstruct connective tissue stimulates the healing processes. Nucleic acid combats collagen destruction caused by sun rays, oxidative stress and tobacco. As well as being used in anti-ageing treatments to fight photo-ageing.

Dexpanthenol Information: 
Dexpanthenol Regenerating Solution acts as a moisturizer, boosting moisture levels in the stratum corneum, reducing transepidermal water loss and maintaining the skin’s natural softness and elasticity. A skin-calming agent, whose beneficial effects have been widely documented.  Dexpanthenol Regenerating Solution accelerates cellular repair, reconstructs damaged tissue and promotes normal keratinization of the skin and hair.

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