Bio Needle 24 – Adjustable Needle Length



Bio Needle 24 – Adjustable Needle Length

Needle Depth 0 – 1.5mm

The Bio Needle 24 provides users with the flexibility to select the optimal needle depth based on their skin type and the targeted treatment area, catering to various skincare concerns. For example, shorter needle depths may be chosen for the forehead and eye area, while longer depths are suitable for the cheeks and body. With 24 titanium needles, it offers the option to choose different mesotherapy cocktails to address specific skin concerns.

Evenly & Efficiently

Introduce your chosen mesotherapy serum, adjust the needle length using the knob, and lightly tap on the skin. As the Bio Needle 24 operates on the skin’s surface, the mesotherapy serum will be evenly dispensed through the 24 tiny holes and central axis, following the needles to reach various skin layers. The Bio Needle 24 is compatible with a variety of mesotherapy skin serums, effectively addressing various skin concerns.

Hygienic and Dual Protection

The plastic cover ensures the cleanliness and safety of the needles and the glass vial. The glass vial is detachable and can be replaced with any standard glass vial available on the market. However, we do not recommend reusing the needle.

Bio Needle 24

Bio Needle 24 Package



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